SiteJazzer Pushes the Envelope with 3D HTML5 Web Elements

All Flash "Jazzers" Now Also Come in HTML5

December 28, 2010


Close on heels of adding first HTML5 support to SiteJazzer two months ago, Harbinger Knowledge Products announced last week that all its Jazzers, including ones in 3D can now be published in HTML5.


SiteJazzer is Harbinger's online software that enables business owners to add website embellishments in Flash and HTML5. HTML5 is the next major revision of the HTML standard on the web. It gained much popularity recently when Apple favored it over Adobe Flash for the Safari web browser on its iPhones and iPads.


"There are some Jazzers that use 3D elements like a cube or animated carousel, and making HTML5 versions of them was especially challenging", said Seema Chaudhary, president of Harbinger Knowledge Products. "We believe 3D is the next frontier for HTML technology as it becomes as powerful as Adobe Flash, and we're very excited by the promise it holds for future."


Supporting HTML5 has already enabled the company to provide its users with the ability to add rich content that can play on iPhone and iPad devices. On the desktop, HTML5 is already supported on Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers, and a new version of the dominant Internet Explorer browser from Microsoft, slated to come out soon, will also support the technology.


SiteJazzer launched earlier this year, and enabled creation of web elements such as countdown timers, 3D flip book and panning cards in Flash. Like Flash, HTML5 supports many relatively complex interactions required for modern websites.


When asked what more users can expect with SiteJazzer and HTML5, Chaudhary said "We are closely monitoring the evolution of HTML5. It holds a lot of promise, and we want to do our bit in leading websites into adopting the technology."


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About SiteJazzer


SiteJazzer is an online software service that enables businesses and ad agencies to quickly and inexpensively create exciting web elements to jazz up their websites. It provides a wide range of interactive elements for website owners to customize and use in their websites.


Businesses can show their customer testimonials and quotes as animated cards instead of just plain text, ad agencies can design page-peel banners and leader boards and drop them on their website in minutes, blogger-chefs can show their recipes as a flip-book, or e-tailers can show their offers and deals as a clock timer counting down on their websites.


SiteJazzer offers monthly or annual subscription, and includes hosting of the jazzed up content. Users can also download SiteJazzers as Shockwave Flash files for use on web pages, emails and elsewhere. In addition to being an online service, SiteJazzer also comes as downloadable desktop software.


SiteJazzer comes from Harbinger Knowledge Products, a recognized global leader in interactivity solutions for knowledge-sharing applications including learning, presentation and web development.


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About Harbinger Knowledge Products


Harbinger Knowledge Products is recognized as a global leader in interactivity solutions for knowledge-sharing applications including learning, presentation and web development.


For three consecutive years, Deloitte has named Harbinger Knowledge Products among the fastest growing technology companies in its Technology Fast 500 Asia Pacific and Technology Fast 50 India programs.


Harbinger Knowledge Products is a part of Harbinger Group, which serves customers in over 45 countries through its offices in Pune (India), Redmond (WA, USA), San Jose (CA, USA), Pleasanton (CA, USA), London (UK) and through its partner network worldwide.


Harbinger's patent-pending technology and sound thought leadership have resulted in groundbreaking products, including market-leading Raptivity, innovative YawnBuster and cutting-edge TeemingPod. Red Herring has named Harbinger amongst world's top 100 private technology companies.


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