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SiteJazzer Desktop : Site Booster Pack


Site Booster Pack allows you to attract visitors attention and induce them to perform the desired action on your website. This pack is all about boasting your achievements, generating curiosity among visitors, adding surprise elements to website, helping users find relevant information and visually enriching your website.


All this can be achieved using Harbinger's unique Rapid Interactivity approach, using interactions that can be added quickly and easily to web pages with no programming, bringing them alive.


Interested?.... Go ahead and explore the following SiteJazzers.

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Countdown Timer

Create a countdown timer on your website. Enhance the visual appeal and attract user attention by highlighting offers, contests, etc. The countdown shows the duration of the offer or contest. Users can view more information by holding the cursor over the countdown area. Use a combination of text, images and videos to present your message.

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Quotes Flicker

A user will enjoy the visual-appeal of your website with the Quotes Flicker. This interaction model lets you present endorsements or any form of promotional matter in an attention-grabbing manner. Powerful words and visuals when presented in an interactive form can convey the message effectively! You can make a combination of images, videos and text to present promotional matter.

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Action Suggester

Use Action Suggester on your website to bring user-attention towards one area. Here, you can specify one main action item and surround it with related action items. This means your message is presented in an attractive manner without losing context. Use the various combinations of images, text and videos to specify the display required.

Page Peel Banner

Page Peel Banner

Present creative concepts in an interactive way with Page Peel. A teaser message will catch the attention of the user and induce an action from the user. An attention-grabbing headline should attract a user to peel off the first slide. The slide collections can be used to present creative promotional concepts that direct users to the specified web page.

Page Peel Banner

Visual Sitemap

Make your websites interactive and visually-appealing with the Visual Site Map. Present your set of related links in a specified area for an interesting interactive site map. This will engage users to browse through and view the segments of your website. You can specify the links to an image or text matter. The links will direct users to the specified web pages.