Difference Between SiteJazzer Online and SiteJazzer Desktop



SiteJazzer Online

SiteJazzer Desktop

Payment Mode

Pay as you go

One-time payment, perpetual license

Product Usage

Web-based. No need to install anything on the computer

Needs to be installed on the computer.

Operating System

Works on any Operating System because it is web-based.

Win 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2003


Upgrades are free for the period of subscription

Free for first 3 months. Later on need to be purchased

Number of Available Jazzers

11 (more get added frequently)

10 (Essential Pack) + 5 (Site Booster Pack)

HTML5 support


Not available

Support to new additional Jazzers

Subscribers can use newly added Jazzers for free during the period of subscription without having to pay anything extra.

New Jazzers need to be purchased separately as a pack.

Interface Type

Tabbed Interface

Dockable Windows


Not provided


Immediate Preview

Available through Preview Button

Immediately displayed as changes are made (WYSIWYG Editor)